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Blessed, Peace, and Hope

Mar 17, 2022

As many of you know, Japanese calligraphy is the center of my artwork and in this article, I would like to introduce these 3 art pieces: Blessed, Peace, and Hope. They might appear to you very simple and ordinary words or just symbolic figures, but to me, their meanings are quite powerful.

Honestly, “Blessed, Peace, and Hope” are all magnificent words and feel quite intimidating to express, but I am glad that I made them because… right now the world is particularly in a place where these words can speak out and project real meaning from the concepts.

Far too often, we are forced to confront difficulties and enormous challenges in life. Far too often, we feel that many things happening in the world are out of our control; we feel helpless or afflicted. However, that doesn’t mean that we are powerless.

I created these 3 particular pieces with intention. And that intention is to make them a reminder of their very significant meanings, and at the same time, pose questions for everyone to ask themselves what they can do about it in the midst of chaos and challenges in life.

Of course, I don't mean to be too naïve to think that making art for peace and hope will bring any immediate impact in the situation. The concepts of peace and hope that I am talking about may not necessarily be the one you might think of in the first place… like achieving a world with no conflicts or suffering…

Instead, I am talking about the kind of peace and hope that can be brought by our realization that life events do not wait for us to perfectly prepare ourselves to handle them: it’s an awareness that our journey to search for answers doesn't end once we find the first set of answers. It is rather an ongoing process that requires effort to cultivate and nurture our ability to be resilient and compassionate to one another.

When pandemic hit the world 2 years ago, Kimberly Whiefling, a friend of mine who is the most passionate, caring, and intelligent woman that I’ve known said this:

Quote: “I am committed to being a beacon of hope and possibility in the midst of these challenges, and inspire others to do the same.”

“We become the highest and best versions of ourselves, and emerge stronger and better prepared to face other global challenges as well as creating transformed possibilities personally and professionally.” unquote

It was such a powerful statement and it lingered in my ear throughout the pandemic and echoes even louder today. I feel so “blessed” to have such inspiration. And seeing that kind of commitment of people to “become the highest and best versions of themselves and creating transformed possibilities” is what gives me a sense of “Hope” and hope for “Peace”.

Kimberley continued, quote “my life enters a whole new realm of possibility with strong relationships with people of integrity with whom I continue this amazing journey called life. In the end, I am better able to contribute positively to Our World”. unquote

I feel “blessed” because I know that we can continue “this amazing journey called life” not just individually but also “together”. That’s what gives me courage, a true sense of hope, and inner peace.

So, I do whatever this moment requires me to do, giving it my full attention. That is for me right now, expressing my thoughts through my art pieces, “Blessed, Peace, and Hope” to you as a reminder of their very significant meanings, as I mentioned. And at the same time, I am posing questions to you:

"What Blessings, Hope, and Peace are to you and what you can do to find true meaning in them?"

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