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75x48 (Triptych 24x48 each)

Acrylic on Canvas


The dynamic calligraphy of this triptych art piece expresses the power and inspiration of the word "Challenge". 

The subtitle "Defying Gravity" is a metaphor for the challenges we face when climbing mountains, in which we constantly defy the natural force of gravity. This piece reminds us that we need to trust in the process of challenging through which we learn valuable lessons in life.

In this original piece, the Japanese word "Challenge" is calligraphed across three vertical canvases by powerful and dynamic brush strokes. The gorgeous abstract motif is set in gold and a moss green swirling design in the dark background makes this piece one of the most dynamic signature pieces.

Please click here to view the YouTube Video "Challenge-Defying Gravity".

Challenge -Defying Gravity

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