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Acrylics on Canvas

16 x16 


This piece is one of a two-canvas calligraphic artwork consisting of 動 (Dou: meaning moving and Doing) and 静 (Sei: meaning quiet and Not-Doing).


Our society seems to view everything we do in the perspective of “Doing vs Not Doing” and often places larger value on the Doing side, thus we must recognize the power of Not-Doing and how these two concepts may actually be complementary to each other.


It was inspired by the teachings of Taoism that we all live in a state of harmony with the universe in one big equilibrium, and everything we do is a part of the natural flow of energy.

Please click "Doing by Not Doing" to view the YouTube video

Not Doing

  • Acrylic Color on Canvas,  Size: 16x16x1.5 Inches

    Please click "Doing by Not Doing" to view the YouTube video.

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